Total War: The Three Kingdoms – Delayed

Total War The Three Kingdoms

Release date: Spring 2019

Developer: Creative Assembly

Publisher: SEGA

Genre: Strategy, Action, War, RTS

Platforms: Microsoft Windows

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Total War: The Three Kingdoms has announced they will be going a different direction than previous games. It seems they will be focusing more on developing characters, alliances, and relationships. This is a different approach and we will have to see how it works coming next spring… uhg that seems so long. But hopefully this will be well polished and ready to hit the charts by then.


“If the original Total War: Three Kingdoms release date had stuck then the game would be nearly upon us. Three Kingdoms was first scheduled for autumn this year – though with May’s Thrones of Britannia to tide us over, it wasn’t too painful when Three Kingdoms was delayed. Now it’s set to arrive in spring 2019.” -pcgamer


“Total War: THREE KINGDOMS is the next major historical Total War game and is the first game in the award-winning series to take place in China. The Three Kingdoms period is one of the most turbulent times in Chinese history. The Han Dynasty is crumbling; the stage is set for a great new epoch, forged by the fires of conquest – the time to establish your legacy is now. But with many warlords eyeing the throne, each with a large army to back up their claim, it’s clear that the future of China will be shaped by its champions.” –


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