Scribblenauts Showdown Meta-Review


Release Date: 3/6/2018

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Developer: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Genre: Puzzle, Action

Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

“The game is designed primarily to be played with friends: up to four players can partake in “more than” 25 mini-games, which are served up in different forms depending on which mode you select. Showdown is a competitive mode in which finding the best word the quickest is the key, while Versus supplies various mini-games for you and one other friend to battle in, one-vs-one. Sandbox is a more traditional Scribblenauts mode that will be familiar to fans of the series. Here you can summon a variety of objects–publisher Warner Bros. says over 35,000 items are available in-game–to solve objectives either by yourself or with a friend. Eight new levels are included, as are hidden collectibles and achievements.” — Metacritic

Videochums: 7.6/10

“Thankfully, most of the mini-games in Scribblenauts Showdown are quite enjoyable. One of my favourites is Get Served which plays a lot like Midway’s classic arcade game Root Beer Tapper. You first write a word of what to serve customers then slide their meals along the counter while ensuring to catch the empty plates back before they smash on the ground. Whoever runs out of lives first loses. Another cool mini-game is Balancing Act which tasks you with collecting falling objects on a magic carpet that you rotate by tilting the controller while being careful not to let anything fall. Who knew donkeys stacked so well? On the other end of the spectrum, some mini-games (mostly of the speedy variety) are pretty lame. For example, randomly attacking a Piñata or trying to chop down a tree seemed to be far more random than anything. I still have no idea how to effectively play that latter example even after 5 or so attempts.

The three main modes are Versus, Showdown, and Sandbox. Versus has you and a friend simply play a succession of randomly assigned mini-games and whoever wins the most claims victory. Showdown is similar except it takes place on a board game, can be played with up to four players, and uses cards that correlate to events and mini-games. For example, you can play a card that has a mini-game on it and whoever wins that game can move ahead four spaces. It’s a cool way to allow more players to compete. Last but certainly not least, Sandbox mode contains the classic Scribblenauts gameplay formula where you (and optionally, a friend) can try and make NPCs happy by thinking of creative ways to solve their problems. It’s fantastic to be able to enjoy the classic Scribblenauts gameplay again.

As a huge fan of Scribblenauts, I’m happy to be able to enjoy more word-based mayhem even though the party formula becomes repetitive quite fast due to a limited variety of mini-games. You’ll at least get a few hours of fun out of Scribblenauts Showdown but long-time fans such as myself will crave more classic sandbox fun after they experience all it has to offer.” — Videochums — A.J. Maciejewski



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