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LWA - chamber of time
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Japan: 30 November 2017

World: 15 May 2018

Developer: A+ Games

Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment

Genre: Action role-playing

Platform: PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows

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So if you are a fan of the Little Witch Academia anime then you will appreciate this game. If not, do not even waste your time. The game brings the characters to life with lots of colors and peppy conversations but the RPG elements lag behind and border on annoying. Don’t take it from me… look at what the critics have to say below.

Game Description

“School’s In Session

Uncover the mysteries at Luna Nova Academy and experience the magical world of Studio Trigger style Japanese animation in Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time. Join Atsuko (Akko) and her friends to work as a team – exploring dungeons, casting magical spells and using witchcraft to ultimately discover the seven wonders and solve the mysterious shift in time, in this first ever Little Witch Academia game for PS4 and PC.

Believe in the magic and utilize power and friendship in this side-scrolling action RPG beat ‘em up. Enjoy your favorite characters in 3D and live the anime as Akko reveals Luna Nova’s secrets in search of the magic key. Simple and familiar gameplay makes this the ideal first Little Witch Academia game.” –

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Metacritic – Rating: 60

Pushsquare – By: Jenny Jones – Rating: 7/10

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is a side-scrolling action RPG based on the hit anime series, which follows a young girl called Akko and her enrolment into the Luna Nova Witch Academy. Unfortunately Akko doesn’t really have much magical ability, but what she lacks in power she makes up for with an endearing passion, tonnes of heart, and of course an abundance of clumsiness.

It’s summer vacation at Luna Nova and as usual Akko is in trouble with Professor Finnelan. Her punishment is to spend the summer tidying up the library. It’s here that Akko and her friends, Sucy and Lotte, discover a mysterious hidden room, and inside is a strange clock and an even stranger dungeon. Of course, Akko can’t help but touch things, and this leads to a series of events where the day begins to repeat itself over and over. Akko and her friends will need to investigate this enigma or else be trapped forever in the first day of summer.

Chamber of Time is an original story, written specifically for the game, and while the game does give a brief introduction to each of the main characters, things will make a lot more sense if you’ve watched at least the first few episodes of the anime.

The first thing you’ll notice is just how well the game manages to capture the aesthetics of the anime – running around and exploring the school is sure to bring a smile to fan faces. The animation of the characters is top notch and their quirky personalities really shine through; watching Akko sigh and shake her head or Sucy giving one of her classic creepy grins is awesome to see. The soundtrack to the game is also sublime, and the characters are fully voiced by the same Japanese cast as in the anime.”

Destructiod – By: Chris Moyse – Rating: 4/10


Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is an action-RPG that blends two distinct styles. The first sees the player, as Akko, traversing the corridors of her wizardy boarding school, getting into scrapes, finding hidden objects and solving problems. Typical side-quest stuff. The second element of Chamber of Timeis a 2.5D dungeon crawling brawler, as the player takes a party of three characters into various magical labyrinths, gathering loot, fighting bosses and ultimately rectifying Akko’s chrono-conundrum.

The unfortunate reality, however, is that both of these games are awful.

The RPG elements aren’t dealt with lightly. You have a chunky roster of seven characters to choose from, each with their own skill-sets, attacks and effects. You punch XP points into their attributes, use cool Horoscope-based skill trees to progress their abilities, and even kit them out with armour, weapon and accessory upgrades. These can even be enchanted through the use of cauldron-bubbling magic, thanks to the various ingredients found within the dungeon and the school grounds which, in itself, also houses around 80 side-quests. So the issue certainly isn’t a lack of features.

The problem is simply that playing the game itself is a total chore. Chamber of Time is a laborious, snail-paced slog of an adventure. Players will spend hours upon hours endlessly traipsing back and forth through the identical halls of Luna Nova Academy – a needlessly labyrinthine hub – armed with a dreadful map and radar system that only serves to confuse. Akko runs around her place of learning on endless wild goose chases, most of which are no fun whatsoever, and all of which are designed purely to pad out the game’s length.”

TrustedReview – By: Vikki Blake – Rating: 3/5

“As you might expect, LWA offers all the trappings of a RPG, permitting you to accessorise your squad, tweak their individual capabilities, and unlock and booster magic spells. It’s a bit of a paradox, though: in the adventure part of the game Akko’s a mediocre witch, requiring potions before she’s able to pull off magic spells such as putting characters to sleep or fix broken objects. In the dungeons, however, she makes Dumbledore look like Ron Weasley.

It doesn’t half get messy. The further into the game you trek, the busier those screens become, which means it’s easy to lose sight of your character – and even your opponent – in the scrum. The battles aren’t particularly challenging either, and even the boss battles are underwhelming, with some entirely beatable without taking a hit… and that’s coming from someone who’s typically pretty rubbish at brawlers.

However, while you can pick your squad you can’t direct them, which means I lost support characters unnecessarily because Lotte didn’t have the sense to cast a healing spell on herself; or Amanda wasn’t bright enough to attack from afar. And my, do they repeat themselves, recycling the same old worn exclamations with each attack, sometimes dozens of times in a single minute.


Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time lacks originality, but it’s stuffed with colour and charm, bringing Luna Nova and its students to life with affection and humour.

Unfortunately, there are just too many mechanical quibbles that spoil the presentation; petty things that on their own don’t detract much, but together build a beautiful game that falls on just the wrong side of frustrating.

If you’re a fan of the anime, you’ll surely be enchanted by Akko’s latest adventure… but if you’re after a solid RPG with meaty combat, you should probably look elsewhere.”

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