Fortnite Battle Royale – Fast, Fluid and Fun!… also FORTS

Fortnite Battle Royale: A near Perfect Addition to the Battle Royale Genre

Fortnite Battle Royale is not just a traditional battle royale genre game. It distances itself from the competition by making some key tweaks to the formula. Fortnite takes the 100 player free for all to the next level with a blend of cartoonish graphics, vibrant colors, 60 FPS and clever map design to create a beautifully crafted world. Aside from this, the game ups the ante in the loot category offering a wide array of weapons and consumables to suit any play-style. The building mechanic was masterfully crafted (see what we did there) and once you get the hang of it, you will be building like a pro! The shrinking map with a threat of the looming violent storm adds the perfect amount of panic to your strategic playthroughs. Overall, we had a ton of fun with Fortnite Battle Royale , and we think you will to!


I am the last person on earth to download, now what?

When you first start the game, you will be greeted with a familiar and intuitive set of screens that will allow you to customize almost anything about your in game experience. From character customization to UI customization, this game offers plenty of options for everyone’s flavor.  For character customization, you can unlock a seemingly endless array of clothing modifications, shirts, pants, backpacks, hats, masks… seriously, this game has a TON of customization. You can also unlock new skins for the base equipment in the game (glider, pickaxe) and a plethora of emotes for when you really need to rub that victory in!

Source: Epic Games

Being a free game mode (on PC) or the only release currently available on consoles/ mobile devices the game does have micro transactions. They are implemented in such a way that you will not feel cheated or left out. And, for a game that has offered some players 100’s (if not 1000’s) of hours of gameplay for free, we think this is reasonable. The game also offers a one-time $10 purchase called the battle pass. This will give you access to approximately 100 tiers of rewards that you can unlock by earning battle stars in game. These will reset each season, and the rewards only offer accelerated progression but no actual gameplay advantage.  

Ok, now your character looks like a total BADA## , time to play!

When you launch the game, you will be greeted by around 100 players swinging pickaxes and dancing hooligans while the game is loading everyone in. Once the rave is over, you will find yourself on a flying bus..blimp..thing. Anyways, to the horror of Ms.Frizzle, you WILL jump out and plummet towards the game world. You will also, NOT forget to use the parachute/glider meaning you will definitely NOT crash into the ground and die on your first round. Now, that you have started your second match, you successfully reach the ground and you are ready to go.

Let the Fortnite Battle Royale begin! The race is on! If you want to be the last player standing in the pool of 100 you will need to use all of the available tools this game has to offer. Using your pickaxe to chop down trees and other wooden structures you will be collecting wood and other materials needed to build your epic fort. You will also be scavenging houses and caves for chests containing weapons and consumables to help you in your journey. While exploring the vast map, secret chests and Easter eggs can reward a players thirst for exploration, just be sure to pay attention to the shrinking map and try to not get caught in the storm. The game does a great job of forcing you to play strategically by limiting your inventory to 5 slots (swap-able). This will force players to really think about which loot they keep from each chest or kill.

Aside from that, simple building commands are available at the touch of a button. With enough practice, anyone will be able to build huge structures, scale mountains or trap your opponents with ease. However, be mindful that with a well placed blow the foundation of any structure will cause it to topple (some of the most satisfying kills a player can get).
You can build walls, ceilings/floors, stairs and any combination in your quest to be last player standing. Using a well timed button press to build floors, experienced players can scale the side of mountains and other structures to slow their fall or strategically place themselves in a nice little nook.

Using all of these tools and your MLG (Major League Gamer) Pro skills (not luck) you will eventually win a round. And while it is certainly one of the most rewarding feelings for a gamer, what makes Fortnite so special is how much fun it is to play. Even when we didn’t win, the game was tremendously fun to play. The well polished mechanics, quirky physics and nonsensical build-offs counter the tense moments of action better than any game we have played in quite some time.   


Now that you have played a few matches and explored all of the menu options you may have noticed a rather large and unruly set of skill trees. Fortnite does have a LOT of progression and it might be more straightforward than it looks. Without going into too much detail, the game features two main sets of progression trees- skill trees (tiers) and the research trees (also denoted by tiers). To progress in the skill trees you must rank you and/or complete missions. There is no level cap or maximum number of missions you can complete so it is possible to unlock everything. As for the research trees, these points are accrued every few hours and are a clever way of getting people to log back in. These skills will increase your characters versatility and survivability so it is well worth the time investment to learn how these trees function and how to unlock what suits your playstyle.

Just How Popular Is This Game?

As of writing this, Fortnite hold the record for most concurrent viewers in a single player stream with 628,000 (previously 388,000) when Twitch powerhouse Ninja teamed with Drake and Juju Smith-Schuster. Additionally, the game recently broke the record on YouTube for most videos uploaded in one month (previously Minecraft) and the most concurrent views on a single game stream at 1.1 million when 100 creators held a tournament that drew 42 million views! The game currently has over 45 million players.

This rise has lead to great support for the game across all available platforms. Bug fixes and hotfixes are constantly being rolled out. A plethora of events and weekly challenges are always in the works and most recently vending machines can be found scattered across the game map that contain numerous weapons and other consumables. Furthermore, those who have played recently may have noticed a meteor like object moving towards the game world, many have speculated that this means big changes coming soon.

Fortnite, A Near Perfect, Addictive Experience On All Platforms!

Rarely do we find ourselves as captured by a game as we did with Fortnite. We were not the best at the game and we still always wanted more. This game has so much to offer aside from the base objective that it will keep you coming back and exploring every nook and cranny that this beautifully crafted world has to offer. The bright colors and smooth frame rate give way to one of the most universally enjoyable and consistent gaming experiences across every platform. You will loose.. ALOT, but you will have fun, this game will leave you wanting more each and every time the round ends. The most popular game in the world is also one of the best. Epic Games has created a winner that will continue to grow and break records.


5/5 – Mastercraft

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