Dragon’s Crown Pro – Meta-Review – Beat-Em Up and Level Up!

Dragon's Crown Pro
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Release Date:

PS4: May 18, 2018

Original: July 25, 2013


Publisher:  Atlus

Genre: Action, RPG, Beat-Em Up

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3

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It seems like Beat-Em Up games are making a slight comeback with the re-release of Dragon’s Crown Pro! If you played it before you are definitely in for a treat with amazing new graphics. If you have not played then you might want to make a double-take as this is way more than just a side scrolling Beat-Em Up game. The in depth RPG elements are excellent and you can play online with friends or randoms. See what the critics have to say below!

Game Description

Dragon’s Crown thrusts you into a fantastical medieval world packed with labyrinthine dungeons to explore, vile monstrosities to smite, and nearly endless online adventure. Your mission is to dive into the dank underworld, uncovering treasure and strengthening your mettle as you unlock the secret behind the ancient dragon threatening the world. Simple, easy-to-learn controls allow anyone to dive into the fray and enjoy the breathtaking sword-and-sorcery action. In addition to long-lasting gameplay, the game also features a vast array of character customization features – with six wildly different classes to play as, raiding the catacombs for epic loot remains fresh and engaging.

Metacritic – Rating: 81/100

Playstation Universe – By:  – Rating: 95/100

“Originally developed by Vanillaware and published by ATLUS, Dragon’s Crown released in 2013 on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita to high-praise. Dragon’s Crown Pro is an enhanced port of the action role-playing game built specifically for PS4.

Dragon’s Crown beautiful hand-drawn graphics and narrative-driven storytelling wowed gamers and critics alike, garnering favorable reviews and selling almost a million copies digitally across both the PS3 and Vita platforms.

Fast-forward to 2018, and Dragon’s Crown Pro gives old fans and new the chance to check out what made it so popular – only this time with a glorious 4K makeover!

Dragon’s Crown Pro is an outstanding fantasy beat ’em up. You take control of six different heroes, each with their own unique abilities and play-styles which you can experiment with to find your preferred style.”

Destructoid – By: Chris Moyse – Rating: 8/10

“As our own dear Chris Carter reviewed Dragon’s Crown on its original release (a review I, incidentally, didn’t read before writing this one), it almost seems a bit redundant to run over the game itself, given that Pro is mostly bringing aesthetic changes to the table. However, here’s a refresher for those of you who have never looked into this unique title.

Dragon’s Crown is an action-oriented RPG, which plays in the style of scrolling fighting games of the ’90s, particularly reminiscent of Sega Saturn classic Guardian Heroes. Up to four players select from six classic fantasy archetypes and then lay waste to wave upon wave of ghastly creatures, progressing through stages, dodging traps, bagging loot and taking on unique boss characters. At its core, Dragon’s Crown is, indisputably, a brawler.

But it’s so much deeper than that. A heavy emphasis is placed on leveling stats and acquiring gear, with players able to revisit locations to discover new routes, bosses and side-quests. Each character brings his or her own own unique elements to do battle with the armies of living fungi, owlbears, harpies, giant spiders and other grim creatures that are conjured up to do your party harm.”

PushSquare – By: Robert Ramsey – Rating: 8/10

“Our only real gripe with Dragon’s Crown sadly carries over into Dragon’s Crown Pro, but we don’t suppose there’s much that can be done about it. When you’re teamed up with three other players (either online or locally) or computer controlled allies, the screen can become so busy that making out what’s happening is near impossible. There are settings to make overall visibility a little better, but you’ll still lose yourself in the mayhem from time to time.

That said, this is an issue that becomes less prevalent the more that you play. Once you’ve got a feel for character movement as well as things like evasive jumps and specific combos, it’s especially hard to tear yourself away from Dragon’s Crown. Vanillaware’s crafted such a cohesive whole that it’s nothing short of a joy to experience. From the astounding art and masterful music to the rousing narration and whimsical storytelling, it remains a special game.


The pricing will seem somewhat steep if you’ve already poured countless hours into the original Dragon’s Crown, but that doesn’t take anything away from what is still one of the best, most memorable beat-’em-ups on the market. Topped off with some incredibly addictive RPG elements, it’s difficult not to fall in love with Vanillaware’s stellar sidescroller all over again. Dragon’s Crown Pro continues the legacy of a modern classic, and if you haven’t tried it before, now’s your chance.”

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