Meta-Review: Conan Exiles – Survival Can Be Sexy Too!

Release Date: May 8, 2018

Engine: Unreal

Designer: Oscar Lopez Lacalle

Publisher: Funcom

Genre: Action, Adventure, MMO, RPG, Survival

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

AButtonGames Take

When we first played Conan Exiles about a year ago (in early access) it was very rough but fun. Lacked optimization and felt very standard for what it promised to be. This version is MUCH improved with major overhauls to the combat, visuals and core mechanics. It’s still early but this action-adventure MMORPG appears to have made a great turnaround.


MMORPG – By: Red Thomas – 7.65 hype rating

“As put off as I was about sorcery, I still reinstalled the game to try out the released version.  Folks, I was wrong.  I’ve had a lot of fun with of Exiles over the last couple days, and not the least because I’m damn impressed with the level of polish Funcom has managed to put into the game.  The revamped combat system creates distinct styles between weapons, that now create far more interesting fights.  Even fighting NPCs is more interesting since the weapon you use changes how you approach the situation.

I’m also finding that climbing is not nearly as stupid as I thought it was.  It’s created a new feel to the world, but I’ve also found that it’s not nearly as game-breaking as I had originally thought it would be.  The crafting has been expanded significantly to allow much more complexity in base building.

Speaking of base-building, the new Purge system also means there’s an environmental reason to build secure bases and train combat thralls, now.  That was unexpectedly cool and adds a nice element of suspense to the game.  Thralls can be equipped with armor and weapons, increasing their effectiveness, as well.

That really just scratches the surface of all the changes and updates Funcom has made over the last year of development, and I’m definitely finding that I’m enjoying the game more than I had expected to when I installed it.   It’s not the Conan Exiles that I expected, but it’s definitely a game that I’m finding I enjoy.  It was an unexpected success, and I’d say that if you’d written it off like I did, you might want to take another look, too.”

Polygon – Charlie Hall – In Progress

“If you’re looking for a single-player experience that won’t give you fits, or a small group experience that rewards active participation by a like-minded community of friends, then you need Conan Exiles in your life right now.

However, this game brings with it all of the baggage of the Conan brand. That includes slavery and the sexual exploitation of said slaves. Bondage? Torture? In-fiction racism? It’s all there in spades. If you’re not looking forward to the prospect of gathering hundreds and hundreds of stones in order to build the Pleasure Place of Darketo, a structure clearly built for tying down and having your way with the unwilling, then maybe this is not the game for you.

Many, if not most, of those kinds of elements appear to be entirely optional. You don’t have to take slaves. You don’t have to worship a god whose rites include orgiastic rituals or cannibalism. You can choose to worship Crom, an uncaring pseudo-deity who is effectively the agnostic option for those who can take care of themselves.

The only downside is that the game’s infrastructure can only support very small populations. The average maximum on servers right now is around 40 players, so if you want in on the social aspects of this game you had best get in now before the next high-profile online survival game pulls people away.”

IGN – Joseph Bradford – In Progress

“Combat, while serviceable and sometimes enjoyable, feels incredibly unrefined at times thanks to a finicky targeting system. This is felt especially when grouped with other players, with the lock-on oftentimes zeroing in on your friends instead of the enemy by default with no easy way to change to the correct target.

While I personally didn’t have any launch day issues, there were reports of issues of Xbox players crashing while playing online, as well as EU server outages at the onset. On Twitter, Funcom recommended a workaround for Xbox players and reported that they’re trying to get it fixed as quickly as possible.

I ended the first day on a new server, having just finished crafting my first set of iron weapons and medium armor. Over the next few days I’ll be venturing forth to explore the new additions, taking part in some PVP, as well as capturing thralls to put to work in my camp. Stay tuned to IGN for our full review next week.”



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