What’s Happening? What’s Coming? Fortnite, Logan Paul, Plus new releases

This week a few interesting bits surrounding everyone’s favorite game, Fortnite !

Just four days after launching the mobile versions of Epic Games powerhouse, Fortnite, it has already raked in 1.5 million dollars! Keep in mind this was a launch limited to sign ups and is only on IOS (currently) to boot. An impressive feat at that! For all of the success Fortnite is having we should mention that PUBG did generate over $700 million in 2017. This should give some perspective into just how much money Fortnite is poised to make given its staggering popularity.Fortnite Revenue


Additionally, wanting to get a piece of the action, popular youtuber Logan Paul has announced he plans to start a streaming team that will focus on games like Fortnite. The remarkable feat here is that he has already amassed over to 200K followers without streaming a single time! This just goes to show you how popular games like Fortnite combined with popular social celebrities can create huge followings.  A lot of this hype stems from a popular video he posted where he donated $200k to the most popular streamer on twitch right now – Ninja.  His stream team will be the team ten streamers and will hopefully give Logan a new avenue to generate revenue without his usual controversial youtube antics.

source: Youtube

Games To Watch Out For


Ni No Kuni 2 : Revenant Kingdom

Source: Powerup-gaming


Releasing for Windows and PS4 on March 23,2018

Ni No Kuni 2 is the quintessential JRPG with tons of content, a fantastical story and great characters. The graphics will surely be more cartoon(y) than realistic (which is fine for the genre).  Early reviews have been good in what has been described as a great combination of RPG, action with some addictive kingdom building elements within. Some of the scores:

Gamespot:  8/10

Polygon: 9/10

IGN: 7.8/10

Game Informer: 8/10

Gamesradar+ : 4.5/5

US Gamer: 3.5/5

The common flaw in some of the lower reviews all revolve around the story being mostly text based with limited memorable moments from the characters. The praise has been for the amount of content, the overall polish of the game, the combat and the kingdom building element.

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Farcry 5

Source: Ubistoft


Releasing for all major platforms (not the switch) on March 27, 2018

While we don’t have access to early reviews just yet, what we do know about Farcry 5 is that it will be set in Montana and will feature some pretty heavy political and social content. The game world will be big and beautiful. The story will be around 25 hours in length and can be played offline and/or entirely in Co-op! The addition of full co-op is a welcome site as this has seemed to take a back seat in most newer games 🙁 We should expect to see reviews early next week or late this week. The game play sessions and demos have hinted that this will be a well received game.

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