Speed Runner (Grand PooBear) completes Mario 3 run with Power Glove!

Popular twitch streamer and youtuber Grand PooBear is known mostly for his speed running prowess with a focus primarily on Super Mario Titles.  He currently holds, or has held many records across a variety of titles in the Super Mario franchise. Those familiar with the speed running community recognize his as one of the elite Mario speed runners in the world. Earlier this week he decided to put those skills to the test and attempt a speed run that had never been done before…. besting Super Mario Brother 3 using motion controls only on the Nintendo Power Glove.


Channeling his inner Lucas Barton (Wig and all) from the film ‘The Wizard’, Grand PooBear finally completed his run of Super Mario Bro’s 3 in 2:29:43.62 . Setting the time to beat for anyone crazy enough to attempt this. The fill video can be seen below:

When watching this one thing is VERY obvious. The power glove has a mind of its own! Random button presses, random non-presses, and holy crap navigating the over world and menus looks like an absolute nightmare.  In fact, an earlier run was thwarted when the ‘end’ option was accidentally selected in the game over screen instead of ‘continue’. This is why you see Grand PooBear hold his arm…. and his breath each and every continue screen.

However, he would eventually conquer these wonky controls and claim a worlds first in the category being dubbed: “Super Mario Brothers 3, Nintendo Power Glove Motion Controls Only”

This is a very impressive and well deserved record! During his 2+ hour run, he was able to maintain his composure while still having a blast.  Congratulations and well done!!!

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