Respect or Reject 2019 – Q1 -Thinking about buying Anthem? Don’t.

Respect or Reject
Respect or Reject

Respect or Reject?

Hello Gamers and welcome back to AButtonGames! We’ve been dormant for a while but we are back for a new type of article; our first new piece of Respect or Reject!

We know a lot of gamers (smart gamers) wait to see reviews before running out and buying a game on release day. Bugs need to be hammered out, releases flop, and things just don’t live up to the hype (Ahem, Fallout 76). So we are here to compile a list of the best and worst games of 2019 so far. So here comes the meat, get ready for Respect or Reject!



  • Apex Legends
  • Slay the Spire
  • Metro Exodus
  • Kingdom Hearts III
  • Call of Duty – Black Ops 4


  • Anthem
  • Fallout 76
  • Vane
  • Crackdown 3
  • Onimusha: Warlords

Fallout 76 – Reject

This is probably the most disheartening and tragic reject on this list. We know that Fallout 76 was not released in 2019 Q1 but we couldn’t exclude such a heavy downfall from this list.

Bethesda fans from around the globe were all awaiting the newest and greatest Fallout game, eagerly awaiting a new world to be immersed in with their friends… but what we got was a bug riddled fallout of a game.

What makes the game so bad? Server issues, game breaking bugs, crashes that cause loss of progress, poor mechanics, lack of NPCs, and unthoughtful multiplayer in general.

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Don’t get me wrong, a lot of players enjoy the game and it has a TON of potential to get better (Think No Man’s Sky!), but there has never been a game with such an awful release in the past decade and Bethesda has a lot of work to do to get this game up to standard.

The idea of base building in a multiplayer Fallout environment is pretty appealing but losing progress because of server issues or suffering astronomical frame-rate drops because of a pack of ghouls is just unacceptable.

Let’s hope Bethesda can pull their game together and actually make this a game worth playing since there is 0% chance I would recommend Fallout 76 to anyone, especially for $60.00. This game is a hard REJECT!

Kingdom Hearts III – Respect

Yes, the long awaited KHIII was released on January 9th and has gotten a lot of feedback; a lot of good feedback. It seems that despite the hype, Square Enix has come through and released a very successful threequel to the Kingdom Hearts series. If you enjoyed the previous games, then I can ensure you will not be disappointed.

Image Source:

Not only has the graphics improved but the music is higher quality as well. With amazing music tracks by Yoko Shimomura and Utada Hikaru we get the same feels but in higher quality. There is nothing like battling in a new interesting world with a fully upgraded, high definition keyblade, and a fire music track playing in the background. It’s hard to imagine we aren’t at the pinnacle of Kingdom Hearts.

The game comes complete with new mechanics, more upgrades, keyblade transformations, and stunning new worlds that you will make your jaw drop. Although some people think the game could have been longer or released sooner, we think it was worth the wait (and the $60.00) and give Kingdom Hearts III our full RESPECT!

Vane – Reject

A great art piece, but a eh game. Vane was released on January 15th, and there is a reason you haven’t heard much about it. This is a classic example of too many artists working on a game and not enough game designers. All the beautiful landscapes can’t make up for poor mechanics and dragging movement.

Image Source:


Colin Campbell

If you play games simply for aesthetics you might want to pick this title up, if not then skip it. In Vane you play as both a crow and a child, and traversing the landscape is erroneous in both modes. A wacky camera can cause all sorts of mishaps, the child moves sluggish, and the crow just doesn’t like flying near buildings. This game is a REJECT!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Respect

Another Call of Duty? You say? Yes another one was released on October 12th, 2018, but this addition is boots on the ground. In our eyes, that is a solid move. Jumping around with boost and jetpacks can be fun and all, but I think a lot of players (especially veterans) were really looking for that ground combat.

Black Ops 4 still has those sleek and modern Black Ops graphics and even seem to have improved slightly. The good part about this being the 4th addition in the Black Ops series is the lack of bugs, optimized hit boxes, good weapon balancing, and just a well polished game without a whole lot of updates to be done. The bad part is, there’s not a whole lot we haven’t seen before, yet there are still some interesting changes.

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Asides from boots on the ground, players have more health and there is now manual healing (which paves the way for a new medic specialist). This is important because it slows down the game pace, allows players to be more tactical and emphasizes the importance of good decision making rather than how fast you can aim your gun. There is also body armor, smaller team sizes, smaller maps, and a complete overhaul on guns, including unique sounds and attachments for each weapon.

Not all players agree with the mechanic changes, but these kind of alterations is what evolves the Call of Duty franchise and ultimately makes it a fun game to play. Not to mention there is now a battle royale mode called blackout which is a better version of Fortnite. We give Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 our RESPECT!

Anthem – Reject

Anthem can be an absolute blast to play when it works. The combat can be incredibly thrilling and addicting. The issue, is that literally NOTHING works as intended. To be clear, this goes beyond the major drop rate issues that ruin the endgame loop.

Image Source:

List of current bugs:

  • Loading is far too long and can often loop or crash the game. his has been addressed in updates but is not entirely eliminated.
  • The mission boundaries are far too strict and often force players to load back into the game if they stray even slightly from the path the game wants you take.
  • Free-play sessions regularly kick players/ entire squads to the world hub or main menu.
  • Events in free-play can break and never finish.
  • Quick play playlist is entirely unplayable. This is a huge shame as an endgame mission requires the user to tackle 25 quick play missions. My experience went like this: Join a quick play, this quick play was already in progress and broken. Other players will then continue to cycle in and out as they try to get into another quick play mission. I counted… 104 tries in quick play to get the 25 needed.
  • Gear/power scaling is currently not working at all. Players will be wrecking balls in one difficulty but will be unable to do anything in the next highest difficulty even when you are 50% higher than the recommended power.
  • Users have also reported that gear does not actually enhance your ability to survive or kill. This is likely why developers have been so reluctant to implement a statistics screen as users would be able to easily tell the lack of impact gear has.
  • Controller inputs will sometimes become non-responsive in game making it impossible to cast spells and revive teammates.
  • MANY of the games end game items have special effects and abilities that do not work. Some even give diminishing returns.
  • The game also seems to wrestle with itself to determine how strong my character is. Sometimes I will load into a game at full health with 50+ health segments and other times I load in with ~10. When this happens, I often die in one hit and deal very little damage.

For a game that is advertised as a shooter looter… it currently does neither correctly. Players want to min-max their builds and with the lack of advanced stats screen paired with abysmal drop rates makes it seem like an artificial barrier placed to keep players playing. And you know.. the fact that equipment may not actually do anything.

Then there is the shooting.. while not explicitly broken , many of the weapons seem quite underwhelming with effects that require super specific builds/play-styles or situations that most are rendered useless. On the opposite end, certain combinations of weapons are so broken that characters can literally become invincible.

Image Source:

This game also suffers from inconsistent level/power/difficulty scaling. On the higher difficulties (grandmaster 2 and 3) the enemies turn into massive damage sponges rendering many guns completely pointless. This forces players into using skills and abilities which can be pretty awesome (to be fair). It is clear that the game intends user to have optimized a specific build before attempting these difficulties, but as stated before the drop rates make this an impossible task.

To summarize, when the game works you can clearly see the potential and can have tons of fun. The flying and combat can feel solid and fluid. But, between the constant loading screens and game breaking bugs the games fast paced game play is constantly interrupted with progress often being lost. The game is in an entirely unacceptable state for a major release.

With that said the game is a hard (loading……) REJECT

Apex Legends – Respect

Released on February 4th, 2019, Apex Legends has brought a very hefty twist to the Battle Royale genre. If you had the urge to brush it off as “just another Battle Royale game”, think again. Matches are played with a team and each player can pick a different kind of Legend (a character with special abilities). These legends are more hardy than your character in other battle royale games giving you more value each match.

Image Source:

The main factor that sets Apex Legends apart is the team work and intrinsically intimate nature that your team shares. A big part of this is the ability to save a downed teammate in multiple ways. Players can communicate in a couple ways as well, including a voice chat. As with any online game, there are always poor sports and trolls but once you get past that you will experience a lot of fun, worth-while moments.

Apex Legends encourages this intimacy, both because you need your teammates and because they have so many ways of talking to you.

Riley MacLeod

Overall, Apex Legends offers a totally new experience to the Battle Royale genre and we urge you to try it out since it’s free to play. You will feel like a boss just traversing the terrain with no fall damage and the ability to run, climb, and jump with super human vigor. We think this game can only go up free here and on that note, we give Apex Legends RESPECT!

Onimusha: Warlords – Reject

Released on January 15th, 2019, this game should have stayed in 2001. The art of the remaster/remake is very tricky and requires quite a bit more work than some companies think and that includes Capcom in this case.

The game has a few minor additions but is generally exactly the same as when it was released in 2001. The same camera issues, navigation/map issues, and the same sub-par graphics. Sure, Capcom upped the pixel count, but that doesn’t really get the job done when remaking a 18 year old game.

Image Source:

If you like survival horror games, demons, feudal japan, and like to throw around your cash, you can give this a try — but if you don’t like all of those things, stay away. This game isn’t worth the $20.00 they are asking for. AButtonGames has to give Onimusha a hard REJECT!

Slay the Spire – Respect

Slay the Spire was released for early access in 2017 and has just been officially released on January 23, 2019. When it comes to single player, roguelike, deck builders, Slay the Spire has to be pretty high on the list of available games. Throughout the years of early access Mega Crit Games has continued to add new cards, new relics, and new game modes. The best part is you can play competitively or casually. I have personally spent a fair amount of time mindlessly crawling through battles while watching netflix and stayed up too late trying to rush my way up the daily climb and beat my own time (and others).

Image Source:

The graphics are definitely vector based and not at all super HD, but the fun mostly comes from cultivating your card deck and devastating creatures with satisfying animations. With 3 different heroes and their own set of card types, the replayability seems to be endless.

There is a standard play mode with standard rules, a daily climb that can be used to compete against other players that day, and there is even a sandbox game mode where you can make your own rules. Overall, Slay the Spire is a great game to play if you only have a few moments, or to spend endless hours on trying to get lucky with the perfect card combinations. AButtonGames has to give this game some RESPECT!

Crackdown 3 – Reject

Crackdown 3 was released on February 15th, but there’s a reason you haven’t heard any buzz about it: it’s not a good game. Although there is a 10 hour campaign and multiplayer mode, both are pretty simplistic and ultimately a monotonous, unsatisfying explosion fest. If you have seen the trailer then I know what you are thinking – “But Terry Crews is so cool!” – well, not cool enough to save Crackdown 3.

Like a B action movie, Crackdown 3 is solely concerned with trying to deliver a hamfisted, high-octane, kaleidoscopically techno explosion-fest. And just like all but the best B action movies, it’s not stylish or substantial enough to pull it off.

Brandin Tyrrel

The campaign can be broken down to point and shoot, and weapon diversity is rendered pointless since certain weapons are clearly overpowered. The game is extremely easy across all difficulties and you battles require very little skill.

Image Source:

Multiplayer isn’t much better. Although the multiplayer mode allows you to destroy buildings, the novelty wears off pretty quickly. You fight in a 5v5 match which offers no way to upgrade or even diversify your own character. Once you’ve played a couple matches, you don’t have much else to look forward to.

Crackdown 3 has been an extreme disappointment and is proof that throwing a lot of money into a game doesn’t necessarily mean that it will turn out well. AButtonGames has to give this a REJECT!

Metro Exodus – Respect

Metro Exodux was released on February 15th, 2019 and marked a new setting for the Metro series. In this post apocalyptic world, previous games were focused on the string of underground tunnels and the communities that dwell within. In Exodux we venture above ground and traverse the world above in the Aurora, a train that you and your team have hijacked. Exploring the environment and interacting with your team is beautifully done and the atmosphere of the whole game can give you chills.

What is Metro Exodus setting out to achieve in the world that it has created? For 2033 and Last Light, it was arguably to show how humanity is doomed to the same path of self-destruction, even after the nuclear bombs have long fallen. Exodus is different, though. We still see the monstrosity of humanity, the horrors of brutal survival. But that isn’t the dominant worldview here. Metro Exodus injects the Russian post-apocalypse with hope.

Astrid Johnson

Although some gamers claim that the game focuses too heavily on simply gunning down enemies, we think there is plenty of depth to Metro Exodus. Not only is there amazing characterization for the crew on the Aurora but character customization really makes things interesting as you go out and explore the new and unknown lands above ground. The harsh terrain of post-apocalyptic Russia offers a real threat and that means more than just collecting ammo. You have to perform routine maintenance on equipment and make sure that you don’t run out of oxygen. The survival aspects are not subtle but also not overbearing.

Image Source:

Metro Exodus really offers a new take on the series and on post-apocalyptic FPS. Amazing graphics and beautifully made maps put this game over the edge and forces us to give some RESPECT!

Final Word

If you like this article, leave a comment for us on what you want a review on. What do you want to see on AButtonGames?! Let us know! Thanks for reading: Respect or Reject 2019 – Q1

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Respect or Reject 2019 - Q1 - Thinking about buying Anthem? Better not.
We know a lot of gamers (smart gamers) wait to see reviews before running out and buying a game on release day. Bugs need to be hammered out, releases flop, and things just don't live up to the hype (Ahem, Fallout 76). So we are here to compile a list of the best and worst games of 2019 so far. So here comes the meat, get ready for Respect or Reject!
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