Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen


EA Games – Facing challenges this year.

As part of their annual summary, Metacritic releases a list of the ‘top’ publishers by category. The categories classify the publishers in terms of size. Publishers that released 12 or more titles are ranked on the major publishers list. Publishers that release between 6 and 11 titles on the mid-tier list.

For the ranking, four criteria are considered; average Metascore for every title released that year, Percentage for all titles that received a Metascore of at least 75% (good), percentage for titles that received scores of 49% or less (bad) and percentage for titles that received score of 90% or higher (with at least 7 reviews).

According to the report, the company that ranked number 1 just a year ago has fallen drastically on this list. EA, in a year surrounded in controversy, and a smaller slate of releases has contributed to this fall. Metacric said “EA’s Metascore average fell precipitously last year, and the publisher’s rate of critically approved games plunged from 79% to just 48%”. It should be noted that sales and user reviews are not a factor when the rankings are generated.

Two of the more controversial titles released this year significantly under-performed, Need for Speed Payback (61%) and the now infamous Star Wars Battlefield 2 (67%) have no doubt impacted these rankings for the worse.

For those who do not know, to say this has been rough year for EA would be a drastic understatement. The antics of EA has landed them on the worst companies in the country list (again), legislation is being debated and created because of the lootbox controversy, Disney now has to question its partnership with EA, EAs fanbase has been thrown into chaos and any trust that EA did have with its consumers has surely been eroded.

For those curious, the official rankings of the major publishers have been added below:

EA - Metacritic


What do you think about everything that has happened with EA? Does this prove that the consumers have more power than originally thought? Will this force an organizational and industry shift for the better?

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