Next Generation Consoles On The Way: PS5, Xbox Two, and Nintendo Switch 2 – What we know!

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Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are in constant competition with their consoles and are always trying to 1UP each other. With that being said, official news on the development and release of their new consoles are tightly kept secrets, but that doesn’t stop the rumors and speculation. Read on for info on what we know, rumors, and insight on the release of the PS5, Xbox Two, and Nintendo Switch 2 (If that’s what they will actually be called).

Playstation 5

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First off I would like to disclose that Sony has not even given a name to their new console, but they have announced that it is in the works. It’s definitely coming! But whether they go for the next generation or make something brand new stands for debate. There has been a lot of support for generations of consoles in the past, so I’m pretty sure the PS5 is a good solid bet for the new system name. Sony may release some details at the E3 Conference in LA, California on June 12-14.

PS4 Analysts

There is no official news from Sony about the PS5, which means the release date for the PS5 is obscure as well. Yet some analysts believe it can be as early as Q4 2018 and as late as Q4 2020. Although this is speculation these analysts are pretty good at what they do. Damian Thong is an analyst for Macquarie Capital Securities who correctly predicted the release of the PS4 Slim and Pro. According to him the new console could arrive as early as Q4 2018. Many agree that this prediction is a bit soon, especially since there has been no word from Sony so far. Michael Pachter with Wedbush Securities predicts it could be as late as 2019 or 2020. One thing we know for sure is that it will be released in Q4 as all previous new console releases have been before. A deciding factor for the release date prediction is the amount of households that own a 4k television, as beefier specs are needed to accommodate such a high resolution natively.

Under Pressure

Sony is feeling the heat of late with Microsoft’s release of the Xbox One X. The new Xbox console has taken the crown for best performance from the PS4 Pro, but it’s too early to tell how PS4 sales will be affected by this. Although they have been dethroned, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Sony will react immediately… but it does put on pressure for them to bring the pain to Microsoft sooner rather than later.

Toolkits Rumor

Renowned twitter leaker Marcus Sellars has claimed that PS5 development kits have already been delivered to third-party developers, yet this rumor seems to be just that. There is no proof of this claim but this does have merit in mentioning and even if it’s true, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee a PS5 release in 2018. However, if PS5 development kits are going around then we shouldn’t be waiting long. Are you excited yet? Or if you own the Pro maybe you’re frustrated? I told you not to buy the PS4 Pro yet!

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What’s Next

Although we can only guess what the new system will provide in new features, the big topics for improvement are higher native resolution support, blue-ray support, better VR capabilities, larger hard drives, and undoubtable a better GPU. There has also been a lot of talk of backwards compatibility and being able to keep your gaming library from the previous system. I hope this is true, because nobody likes having to buy new games or keep their old system around just for that one epic title. With the push for 4k (and even 8k) support, bigger and better hardware is needed, so save up your pennies because it won’t be cheap.

Could this fan-made video be accurate?

AButtonGame release prediction: November, 2019.


XBox Two

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Microsoft is also being secretive with their new console details. Since they just released the Xbox One X last November (2017), the idea that a new console would be coming out soon is almost a slap in the face to customers that had bought the new system. Microsoft isn’t new to releasing alterations and variations to their consoles and considering there was a 5 year gap between the Xbox 360 Pro and the Xbox One, I’d be very surprised to see them racing for the next generation.

Taking the Crown

As of right now Xbox One X is taking the lead for the gaming industry’s most powerful console and Microsoft is relishing in their boost in sales and achievements. The Xbox One X came just 1 year after the Xbox One S, which is very surprising to see. With that being said I doubt we can expect an Xbox Two before 2019 and probably much further in the future. Although many have been comparing the release of new consoles to Apple’s iphone sales model, game companies know that consoles are not the same as phones and they cannot release new generations all willy nilly (despite what the manufacturing companies would like to see). Yet, at this point Microsoft is playing duck duck goose with Sony, and once the PS5 is released we can probably get ready for the Xbox Two coming right around the corner.

No New Generation

But is Microsoft actually going to proceed with the new generation format? Microsoft’s own Head of Games Marketing had an interview with Engadget where he mentioned the end of new generations.

“the future is without console generations“

”We think of this as a family of devices.“

It’s weird to envision the future of Xbox always being a new iteration of the One… especially since they are almost on Xbox One Z. What comes next Xbox One 360? Xbox One A? Who knows! But one thing is for sure, look for the PS5 release and you will soon see the new Xbox release.

What’s next?

When the new system does come out, look for even better VR support, better graphics, and more power cloud-based video streaming technology. A lot of interesting things are on the horizon for Xbox.

TechInfoTV seems to agree with our release prediction:

AButtonGame release prediction: November, 2020.


Nintendo Switch 2

Nintendo Switch, Switch, Switch 2, Nintendo

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Out of the 3 main consoles the Switch is the newest. This means that the next generation is also the furthest away. The Nintendo Switch 2 probably won’t even be the name for the next console (but we need some way to reference it right?). With that being said, it is very difficult to speculate on what’s next for Nintendo.  However, Nintendo admits that they have been thinking about it. Lets jump in!


The Nintendo Switch has a natural edge up on Xbox One and PS4 since it is both portable and has access to some of the most popular Nintendo exclusives. It doesn’t have the most powerful graphics engine or CPU but what makes the Switch great is its potential for creative ways to play. Look at the LABO, which allows users to make their own cardboard creations and integrate them with the Joy-Con. It’s not entirely different from what other VR systems are doing but it definitely puts a creative and inventive twist on it. Before we can expect a new console we will be seeing Nintendo expanding with accessories and new ways to use the Joy-Con.

Speaking of VR

Nintendo still has those patents out for a VR headset that could potentially use the Switch tablet the same way Gear VR works with a phone. In case you haven’t heard about this, let me enlighten you (or just skip to the video, whatever). Before Nintendo even released the Switch they patented a VR headset that looked like you could slide the controllers off and slip the Switch tablet into a slot to be immersed into a VR world.. It’s not clear whether they want to turn the slidable controls into motion sensors but that would be pretty epic if they did. Nintendo hasn’t released the VR headset and has not said anything regarding their plans for it… but we can certainly hope that they will integrate VR in their future plans (whether this be a alternative Switch console or the next generation release). Designers for Nintendo have been quite tentative to jumping on the VR bandwagon but as the tech develops and become more available we will probably see a change in their attitude.

Nintendo’s VR Headset Patent:

Nintendo XL or Mini

In the more immediate future we may see Nintendo create some small variations to the Switch such as an even smaller more portable version, or a larger more powerful version… but don’t bank on it. Nintendo hasn’t hinted at any variations and this is purely guesswork. Nintendo has mentioned they hoped the Switch would stay alive for about 5-6 years, and since the Switch was released in March, 2017, we might be seeing a new system around 2022.

What’s next?

For the future of the Nintendo system we will most likely see greater VR and AR support along with some boosted processing hardware and maybe even artificial intelligence. Nintendo has never pushed to have the most heavy-duty or most powerful console, but looking into the future they will have to keep up with performance to accommodate new resolutions and VR compatibility. We think the next gen Nintendo console with most definitely evolve with consumer input and implement innovative ideas.

See what SwitchForce has to say about the next-gen Switch console:

AButtonGames release prediction: November, 2022


But AButtonGames, you promised answers!

We most certainly did not! The next gen consoles are still far off and without official announcements we can only guess what is coming next. Some game companies are already designing for the next gen. CD Projekt Red is developing Cyberpunk 2077 only for PC but after heavy inquisition they mentioned it would also be released on the next gen consoles too. Gaming companies are preparing for it, analysts are predicting it, and everybody’s eyes are plastered on Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo to see what they plan to do next. We might not have all the answers right now but make sure to subscribe to AButtonGames, follow us on twitter and we will let you know as soon as we do!


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