Is Fortnite Battle Royale Shutting Down?.. No, But It Does Have A Problem!

Fortnite has a problem, and No! It is not shutting down!

Despite what you have may have heard over the last few weeks, Fortnite Battle Royale is most definitely not shutting down. Some fake screenshots of the epic games twitter account, the emergency maintenance and the emergence of the bogus lawsuit from the creators of PUBG have all culminated to a huge outcry of fear and sadness. However, it is all unrelated, the screenshots and tweets (shown below)  were faked. The emergency maintenance was related to the release of the V3.5 patch. Upon release, some users were experiencing server and matchmaking issues and as a result, Epic Games took the servers offline for a fix. Upon completion, the servers were not ready for the return traffic to the game and caused further problems. This was all eventually sorted and things are just fine!

The lawsuit from the creators of PUBG is a bit trickier. The lawsuit, while real, was not created to target the creators of Fortnite but rather a desperate attempt to quell the massive amounts of clones, specifically on mobile. Regardless of the intended targets, the lawsuit itself it totally bogus, with the PUBG team attempting to claim basic game mechanics, scenery and weapons as their intellectual property. The issue being, most things in PUBG are VERY standard (some even assets bought directly from the unreal store) and cannot be ‘owned’ or copy written. PUBG does not ‘own’ the use of a frying pan as a weapon (it is nowhere near the first game to use it) they do not own the use of shipping crates as a map element (yes they claimed this) and they certainly do not own the idea of the battle royal. This lawsuit likely stems from added pressures applied by the popularity of other similar games/ competitors and the worries that come from this. When the dust from this settles, PUBG will have gained some unwanted (but warranted) negative attention but everything will be business as usual! (welcome to the industry PUBG).

Example of the fake tweets:

Ok, so the lawsuit is nothing.. what’s the issue?

Fortnite, Youtube and a broken relationship.

It is no secret that YouTube has been under a lot of heat recently with its awful combination of favoritism, lack of regulation for them and over regulations for everyone else. This has led to a massive click-bait competition between creators and the viewers are suffering. The massive popularity of Fortnite is no exception to the rule and YouTubers like Ali-A are taking full advantage, racking up millions of view each day playing the game. This is all well and good until things get competitive. A new and horrifying craze has started around Fortnite Battle Royal and it is the ‘1 Kill = 1 Strip’ , ‘1 kill = 1 lick’ videos all to gain those sweet views. Somehow, some of these videos actually stay fully monetized.. and even more shocking, some YouTubers are stepping up the click-bait by using incest like titles to their videos or promoting illegal acts:

This image is not doctored, edited or altered. This… THIS! is the problem. As a company, I would not want my game being promoted and used in such a disgusting way. A lot of the games player base is certainly younger than that of PUBG, and imagining this player base watching and looking for videos like this is just sick. Videos like this rack up thousands (and some millions) of views before they are demonetized or removed (then re-uploaded). They say that there is not such thing a bad publicity, I would argue that this is a counter to that argument and Epic Games should take note.

There is a fine line between a joke and being offensive but this just swings for the fences.

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  3. Pz epic it will be the best thing ever

  4. Why does people do 1-kill 1 clothing remove.

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