Fortnite Battle Royal : Gaming’s Giant, Coming to the Smallest Devices.

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 Fortnite Battle Royale: Epic Games Brings their Gaming Giant to the Smallest of Devices. Here’s What You Need to Know:


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SOURCE: – Fortnite Battle Royal


To say it has been a good year for Epic Games: Fortnite Battle Royal would be a massive understatement. The battle royal genre has been increasing in popularity at an unprecedented rate. Crushing all expectations, Fortnite now finds itself at the forefront of the gaming industry and it is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable games in the industry. With a staggering 45 million players and massive followings on youtube and Twitch what could be next? Epic games has decided to take their gaming giant and bring it to the smallest devices. What seemed like an almost impossible feat with too many hurdles is now best mobile ports we have ever seen and arguably one of the biggest moments in mobile gaming history. This will likely influence a lot of other companies to do the same, in what has undoubtedly changed the industry forever.


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Platforms: IOS, Android

Release Date: Live sign-up and play testing on IOS currently with Android to follow.

Official device requirements listed by epic (currently only for IOS 11)


Must have one of the following Devices:

IPhone 6S/SE

iPad Mini 4,

iPad Air 2,

iPad 2017

iPod Pro and later.

No information has been officially released about space allocation needed.  Android system requirements will likely be a bit more complicated due to all of the combinations of hardware that exist across the devices. Will update once officially released.


You can sign up here:

Changes between mobile and console versions?



fortnite battle royal control scheme mobile

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      SOURCE: : Fortnite Battle Royal



Some very well thought out changes were implemented into the mobile version of Fortnite


  1. Footsteps and Gunshots are given an indicator that shows direction and intensity (distance). This is great because a lot of people will not be playing with audio.
  2. A more refined aim assist will help users on mobile track their targets. From what we have seen this is not overdone and actually levels out the playing field quite a bit!
  3. Picking up items automatically by walking over them. This is great because having to click around on a smaller screen can be difficult enough. Players will still need to elect which items they want if their inventories are full however.
  4. This is currently just the battle royal game mode. No news on if the full game will be ported or just this mode.
  5. For matchmaking, everyone is not automatically pooled together in cross-platform lobbies. Mobile players can elect to que with PC players or PS4 players if they like. However, PS4 players and PC players can not choose to queue with mobile player (for obvious reasons).


How does it work?

Unfortunately I do not (currently) have a way of recording my iPad footage, but on the newest iPad this game runs AMAZING. Very smooth considering how large the map and battles are, this is an absolute marvel of a porting job. This spells great news for the future of cross-play possibilities and mobile ports.


The mechanics are as solid as they could be for touch screen. The movement is controlled by the usual layout of: on screen analog Stick and users thumb to rotate the camera. All of the buttons have been mapped in a very intuitive and responsive way.


Each button is given a dedicated space on on the right side of the screen. The game is very good at picking up the differences between rotating the camera and my button presses. This is very important in a game where you might need to shift the camera slightly while shooting. In addition, as stated before the aim assist is very well integrated with the controls. It is by no means overpowered but does a fantastic job at eliminating the need for the player to rotate the camera by small increments to stand a chance in a fight.


The overall camera movement is super smooth, the button presses are very responsive and the GUI is set up with a purpose. It does not crowd the screen but also does not strip the game of its core functionality, something that is usually very common in mobile ports.


I am VERY impressed with this port so far.


Not all Sunshine and Rainbows

With all that said, the game is not without flaws. Do keep in mind this is an early beta! A lot of users are reporting high latency and crashes. Given Epic games track record of poor server performance during the initial launch of Fortnite this was to be expected. Being on mobile certainly adds a lot more variability to a user’s connection as well. I am confident these will all be fixed!


This port might not be perfect in terms of stability but it is as close to perfect as you can get. It shows the versatility of the unreal engine in combination with just how far mobile devices have come. Just when you think a game like Fortnite has reached it ceiling in potential, it build right through it and keeps on going ( I am sorry about that pun). The success of this port will be a massive step in the industry, and with the year Epic Games is having, it’s fitting that Fortnite will be leading the charge, into battle!

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