Flavor of the week (Feb 19th – 25th)

Flavor of the Week

Flavors: Slay the Spire, Monster Hunter, Hearthstone, PostKnight

Welcome to the Flavor of the Week! Since this is the start of a new ongoing article, let me just tell you a bit about it. This will be a weekly discussion on what we have been playing over here at AButtonGames. If there is a game that we are playing or enjoying then we will throw it in and let you know what we think of it. We will try to get a review out for every new game, but there’s no guarantee. So take a quick look at what we have been playing, and don’t forget to leave a comment.


Slay the Spire

I have been binging on quite a few games this week. Right at the top of my list is an early access game called Slay the Spire , this is a fantastic game (so far) that combines deck building with turn based combat. Attacks, defense and everything in between are dictated by your deck that players will construct and upgrade. The game features a branching top down map that is navigated by clicking on an adjacent branching node. Each time a player moves to a new node a series of events can take place (battles, upgrades etc). This game can be rather difficult as health does not recover after battles. Players must navigate to a resting location, choose between healing OR upgrading a card. The game is all about balancing the choices and kicking some butt. I have had an absolute blast with this game so far! I would highly recommend checking this game out on steam in the ‘early access’ section.


MonsterHunter - New World

This should not come as much of a surprise but I have become enthralled with Monster Hunter World! I‘ve been mesmerized with the thrill of killing massive monsters, crafting awesome weapons and taking on the biggest baddie in the area. As I progress through the game I am uncovering features and mechanics that I never knew I wanted and now I LOVE them. As a quick example, I recently discovered that if you charge a hammer and go to a wall, your character will do massive jumping spinning attack off the wall! This game has so many little things that all work so well together and never seizes to amaze me. The graphics are wonderful, the performance is wonderful, the gameplay is wonderful and the attention to detail is immaculate.

For more detail you can take a look at the review by clicking here.


Due to traveling for work I have been playing quite a few mobile games this week. At the top of the list are PostKnight and HearthStone.

PostKnightPostKnight is a charming little game that combines elements of an endless runner and RPG elements. In a nutshell, the game features your main character travelling to different locations and delivering letters. On your way to making deliveries you will have to fight your way through some enemies. The fighting consist of the character running on his own (from left to right) and the player choosing one of the three options (when not on cooldown) Attacking Skill, Defending Skill and Healing. The character will also automatically attack anything that comes within range. Enemies can kill your character and momentum. While speed is not a major factor in the quest objective, players can easily get overwhelmed by enemies.



Hearthstone is also a goodie and has been around for a while now. If you aren’t familiar with it then its a World of Warcraft card game. At one time, Heathstone was considered to be the ultimate competitive deck building card game. However, of recent the game has added some elements that can make it ‘feel’ pay to win. What I like most about this game is how simple the mechanics are to learn. Hearthstone is the ultimate ‘easy to learn hard to master’ game that is as complicated as you make it. Players can play against the A.I, casual matches and competitive matches. The game has a fairly large and challenging PVE (Player vs. Environment)  mode where you can go through classic World of Warcraft dungeons and test your deck against the bosses. Winning these dungeons does give rather desirable rewards. Overall, this game has a huge following, lots of content and is very easy to pick up and play. I would recommend this game to anyone who was on the fence but afraid to try. The way the matchmaking works, it is very unlikely that you will match against someone who has a far superior deck and in my experiences, a good deck build can overcome almost any situation.

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