What is A Button Games?

A Button Games is a gaming website that offers unique perspective of games in the form of reviews, upcoming games, and unique articles.

AButtonGames consist of the creators Cody Alves, Christopher Mumpton and other individuals with unique perspectives on games.

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Let us know if you have suggestions for new content, games you want us to review, or if you are a game creator and want us to review for early release!

Who are we?

Christopher Mumpton – Co-founder of AButtonGames.

Christopher Mumpton is a 25 year old graduate from Rochester Institute of Technology. He majored in Game Design and Development and minored in Psychology, now working for an eDiscovery company D4 LLC as a Technician. From Upstate New York, Chris is a heavy gamer and mostly enjoys Role Playing Games, and First Person Shooters. Throughout his gaming career his all time favorite game is Legend of Dragoon for the PS1, which has one of the best stories ever created in his opinion. He is the creator of the AButtonGames web page, and author of several reviews, articles and responsible for reporting on upcoming games. Many pictures and montages that will be seen throughout the site will be created by him.

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Cody Alves – Co-founder of AButtonGames.

Cody Alves is a 25 year old Graduate from the University of Buffalo. He majored in Math and now works at the USPS Headquarters as a Statistician. From Upstate New York, and currently living in Virginia, Cody enjoys Japanese Role Playing Games and Sports games as they give the most bang for their buck. Many articles on the site will be created by him.

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