Agony – Delayed! Undetermined Release Date

Update: Why haven't you heard about anybody playing Agony? Well the release date was pushed so the developers could put on the finishing touches. So when is it going to come out? Only Madmind studios knows that. The release date is official undetermined.


Golem – PSVR – Delayed Indefinitely

Sony has announced ANOTHER delay for Golem PSVR! Boo Sony! But it's better to have a well polished game than an incomplete release riddled with bugs. Keep doing your thing Sony, but hurry up because we are waiting for this awesome release.


Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Meta-Review – Smash and Crunch!

If you played Left 4 Dead then get ready for a game that seems to have a lot of similar traits mixed into an RPG shell. This Warhammer sequel displays extremely gory scenes and has very graphical, satisfying kill events. Smash and Crunch by yourself or play online! See what some game reviewers have to say below.