Recent Reviews

  • Chronicon is an early access dungeon crawler that takes clear inspiration from Diablo. Lots of fun, super cheap and well worth a look!

  • It may just be me but I think most people have heard lot’s of positive feedback on the new God of War game (2018). With stellar reviews from all of the large review sites (a whopping 94/100 on metacritic) God of War is definitely in the running for Game of the Year. Here at AButtonGames we agree with this assessment and have mostly good words to say about it.

  • LWA - chamber of time

    So if you are a fan of the Little Witch Academia anime then you will appreciate this game. If not, do not even waste your time. The game brings the characters to life with lots of colors and peppy conversations but the RPG elements lag behind and border on annoying.

  • Dark Souls Remastered 2 - Praise

    Hey there souls fans, if you aren’t out there buying this remaster right now… then I’m sure you are contemplating whether buying this classic remaster is worth it (like I am right now). From the looks of things, it just might be. There is a massive improvement in texture quality and performance with almost everything else staying the same. With this new release massive amounts of people will be playing online (the lack thereof is what made me stop playing), so get in while it’s hot. Watch out for LokiAdvanced though or you might just end up with a dagger in your back.

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